The information provided about a course was/is inaccurate. What can I do?

Training providers, as well as other organisations providing services on their behalf, must provide clear and accurate information to potential students.

This is so potential students can understand whether a course will meet their needs.

Potential students should be provided with information about:

  • the name and code of the course
  • how long the course will take
  • the location where the course will take place
  • how the course will be delivered (for example online or face to face)
  • if there is work placement required (and if so, information about how students will complete their work placements), and
  • the fees the student will need to pay and/or any loan obligations.

Registered training organisations (RTOs) can only advertise nationally recognised training courses that they have been granted approval to deliver.

If you were provided with information about a course that may have been misleading or have observed marketing for a course that you feel is misleading, you may choose to complain about a provider.