Privacy Policy

ASQA is bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988, including the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). Your personal information will be handled in accordance with ASQA's obligations under this Act.

Why is ASQA collecting my personal information?

Personal information collected in this form and any supporting documentation you provide will be used to assess your complaint.

We may need to collect further information from you if we use information contained in your complaint as part of future regulatory scrutiny of the provider. We may also collect information about you from others if they have information relevant to your complaint.

How will my personal information be used and disclosed?

If ASQA includes your complaint in any further regulatory activity, we will usually disclose the information you give us to the organisation you have complained about. ASQA may also disclose your information to others who have information relevant to your complaint, if necessary.

When you lodge a complaint with ASQA, we will notify the provider that they have been named as the subject of a complaint. The information you provide is disclosed to the provider, however we endeavour to not release any personal information of the complainant to the provider.

ASQA may be required to disclose your personal information in exceptional circumstances where we are required to do so by an Australian law or a Court/ Tribunal order. Your personal information may be disclosed if the disclosure is necessary for, or relevant to, the exercise of powers of another agency. ASQA is not likely to disclose your personal information to any overseas recipients.

Further information

Please see ASQA’s complete Privacy Policy available at ASQA's Privacy Policy includes information about how you may access or seek correction of your personal information and how you may make a complaint about your privacy.