Where can I get help getting a refund from my Provider?

ASQA’s role does not include assisting students to seek refunds of course fees. There are a number of consumer protection agencies and other organisations that can help students seek refunds of course fees.   However, you can report the issues surrounding the reason why you are seeking a refund, via a complaint.

Consumer protection agencies
The consumer protection agency in your state or territory can provide you with information about your rights and options and may be able to help you negotiate with your provider.


If you are studying with a provider that is located in a different state or territory to where you live, you can report your concerns to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

Offices of state, territory and training ombudsmen
If you are studying with a government-run provider (such as a TAFE) and your complaint is about fees and refunds, you can seek help from your state or territory ombudsman.

If you are a current or former overseas student that has been studying with a private provider in Australia, you can seek help with fees and refunds from the Overseas Students Ombudsman by calling 1300 362 072.

Although ASQA is not the appropriate agency for resolving issues like this, you may still choose to report this information to ASQA.

The information you report about your personal experiences with or observations of, providers are vital input to effective regulation. The information you provide contributes to ASQA’s knowledge of a provider’s behaviour and practice.

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