Deceptive practices, unethical behaviours and alleged unlawful activities

Information relating to the below categories are considered a Tip-Off.  A Tip-off refers to suspicions or evidence/intelligence you may have of deceptive practices, unethical behaviours and alleged unlawful activities.  You can report your Tip-off here or by calling 1300 644 844.  You may remain anonymous when reporting a Tip-Off to ASQA.  More Information on how ASQA manages Tip-Offs can be found here.

Tip-Offs may relate to any of the following:

  • Academic cheating - Students and/or RTOs may engage in cheating to secure qualifications dishonestly. 

  • Falsification of student records - This includes altering or fabricating student attendance records, assessments, work placement or qualifications to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Fees and/or funding fraud - Charging excessive fees, not disclosing hidden costs or misusing government funding schemes.

  • Non-genuine providers - Examples include entities that offer qualifications with no instruction or assessment (commonly known as ghost colleges or diploma mills).

  •  Immigration - Individuals or organisations may offer false immigration services.

  • Non-compliance with Regulatory Standards - Failing to adhere to the various rules, regulations and standards within the VET industry.

  • RTO misrepresentation - Some RTOs may misrepresent their accreditation status or the quality of their courses to attract students.

  • Student recruitment fraud - This involves unethical education agent behaviour and deceptive practices to recruit students such as providing false information about courses, job prospects or government funding.

  • Student Exploitation - Exploiting vulnerable students through unfair and illegal practices include excessive work hours, underpayment.

  • Criminal conduct - Unlawful actions or behaviours that involve intent to defraud or deceive the general public. This can include bribery or corruption.

  • Non-VET issues - We will accept your report however other agencies may be more appropriate to receive your feedback. (ASIC, ATO, etc).