Get Started

You can use this form to tell ASQA about an issue with a provider.

Before you start this form, make sure you have the following information:
  • contact details for the provider you would like to report (that is, their business name, address and phone number)
  • information about the relevant course, qualification or unit that your complaint relates to
  • details of any other agencies you have contacted about this issue.

If you are a current or former student

It is often best to talk to your provider about your complaint first to see if they can help. They are required to have a complaints and appeals process in place and should respond to your concerns in writing.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint, or it cannot be resolved internally, your provider should offer you the opportunity to have the outcome reviewed by a third party, independent of the RTO and the complainant or appellant.

We encourage you to utilise all avenues of your provider’s internal and external complaints processes as the most effective way of resolving your complaint in a timely way. ASQA is not able to resolve complaints on your behalf.

If you do not feel comfortable raising your concerns directly with your provider, and you’re seeking a direct outcome from your complaint, there are other complaint handling bodies who may be able to assist you.

ASQA accepts complaints that raise concerns about non-compliance by providers as a source of information about providers.

If you believe that your provider may not be meeting its obligations, you can complete this form. You will also need to

  • provide your enrolment date
  • provide information about any times you have contacted the provider about this issue and their response.

Refer to our FAQs for more information about other organisations that can help with complaints about providers.